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Story #17 in CLASSICS now!

From the introduction to our latest Classic: “Okay, so my quest to get caught up on Classics continues.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  But I guess I could have said it at least that well, since I’m the one who wrote that in the first place.  It’s all getting a little confusing, date-wise, but I’m keeping track of it, believe it or not.  As of today, I owe my hypothetical readership two (2) original stories and two (2) more Classics.  They’re on their way, I swear (linguistic nerds, take note of my proper differentiation of homonyms, there, please).

Anyway, for now, here is Story of the Week Club Classic #17, For the Love of Roccoco (spelling nerds, please note that, while two (2) “c”s in the word “rococo” is uncommon, it is actually acceptable, so thair).


the SotWC

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Story #16 is here!!!

Welcome back to the Failure of the Week Club!  I mean, Story!  Story of the Week!  Heh.  Of, course.  Story.  Of the Week.  You know.  The Week.  Weekly stories.  I remember what that was like.

So, anyway, Story #16 is up in the Classics dept.  Here’s a link to it, just to make life easier.  Of course, I should be published through Story #18 by now, but that will happen in due time.  I’ve learned not to make promises about when, because it turns out it’s much harder to break your word when you haven’t given it.  So, hopefully soon I will get caught up on June and July’s Classics, as well as finally getting around to writing a new story for June.  But no promises about when.

Hey look!  Something shiny!

See you soon,

the SotWC

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