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Announcements, announcements, anouncements!!!

I posted this on Facebook over a month ago, but just recently realized I should probably post it on the actual Story of the Week Club Site!  So here’s our big announcement for what’s coming next…

Hey, faithful fans! We know it’s been half a year since we published a story, but this could conceivably be called “The Story of the IT’S REALLY HARD TO DO THIS EVERY WEEK NOW THAT I HAVE A FULL-TIME JOB SO I TOOK A BREAK FOR A WHILE Club!” We’re working on a fun roll-out for January, though. Something that is both new and old at the same time . . . You’ll see. Also at that time, in order to still have some follow-through around here but keep from getting burned out like before, we’ll start publishing a story once a month, even though the name is Story of the WEEK Club. Eh, what’s in a name? At least it’ll be better than the NO STORY ANY WEEK Club, right?

Cool?  Cool.  New stuff is just around the corner!  Stay tuned…

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