About the Club

Art by Libby Barringer, with alterations by Josh Burns

The Story of the Week Club was conceived as an exercise in spontaneous creativity.  The idea was that every week I (Josh Burns, your smiling writer) would sit down and write a completely improvised story without doing any planning ahead of time.  Sometimes the stories would be funny (okay, most of the time), and sometimes they would be serious (rarely but, hey, it happens).  Sometimes I have tried experiments like a mini-series or a sequel but rest assured, a story is never pre-planned in advance.  I have sometimes made an addendum to my introduction after writing the story to warn readers in advance if there is horrifying language or anything, but that usually doesn’t happen.  Horrifying events, well, you’re on your own.  I like to surprise people with crap like that.

The idea for the Story of the Week Club began in 1994 when I offered to write a story for a friend of mine once a week.  I found that doing this helped me keep an “edge” on my writing by forcing me to be creative even if I was busy or sad or had some other stupid excuse not to write.  Check out the “Classic Archives” section to read those stories that appeared from Spring of ’94 to Spring of ’95, which will be published weekly (except for the third Thursday of the month) thoughout 2012 so that you can see the genesis of the club if you like, and get a handle on how things work in the universe I am slowly creating (“Rotten Apple Core Day (story #2)” is a particularly good example of how things work around here).

A new addition to this incarnation of the club is the Rotating Schedule of Artists.  Every time a new story is published, one of the artists involved in the club will complete a totally new piece of art inspired by that week’s story.  No limits on what they can do; it could be a sketch, a finished illustration, a sculpture, an interpretive dance, a building suddenly erected in the town square…  I’ve given them no parameters.  We’ll find out what happens together, okay?  I’m excited to have illustrations added to the “Classic” stories from the ’90s as well!

Lastly, I would like to note that everyone who was part of the club in the ’90s told me they rarely read the introductions to the stories.  Well, I’ll have you know that when I start writing the introductions, I start giving myself ideas for the story and I often refer back to the introduction in the body of the story.  So it’s very simple, my friends: DON’T SKIP THE INTRODUCTIONS.  Okay?  Okay.

Thank you for your time.  Just a heads up – from here on out I will often refer to myself as “we,” to give the impression that I have a large staff here.  I’m goofy like that.

We thank you for your time and hope that you will enjoy the Story of the Week Club as much as we will.  Or at least as much as we will pretend to on those weeks when we’re not in the mood, but we’ve made a commitment, here, darn it.  A commitment we plan to even sort of honor, from a certain point of view.


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