This is where it all started!

Back in 1993, it began with an email.  Well, with 3 emails, actually.  Having nothing gripping to write about, I instead wrote stories to my friends.  It was so fun for me to write and for them to read that a weekly email club was born, then called “Bro-Man’s Story of the Week Club,” as my first member was my friend, Roxie, who used to refer to me as her “brother” or “Bro-Man.”

Here on the “CLASSICS” page, we will be reprinting one story a week every Thursday throughout 2012 (excepting the 3rd Thursday of each month, when a brand new story will be written and published on the home page).  This will start with story #-2 (yes, that’s story number negative two), which is the original email that started it all, and going through story #35 (we are missing only story #36, the long-lost allegory of the membership of Bro-Man’s Story of the Week; one of our conscientious readers actually gave us a hard copy of story #36 once and, seeing as how it was the only existing printed copy of the story, we promptly lost it).

We hope you enjoy this look into the SotWC’s past!

STORY #-2: Email to Roxie

STORY #-1: Uncle James and the Leopard-Mouse

STORY #0: Alistair and Jinx and the Horrible Beast

STORY #1: Herman and Ed and the Broccoli Stalk from Hell

STORY #2: Rotten Apple-Core Day

STORY #3: The Tale of Sorrow

STORY #4: Jelly-bean Face

STORY #5: The Little Bunny and the Hideous Gargoyle

STORY #6: Bob the Hypnotist

STORY #7: On the Corner

STORY #8: The Creature from the Blue Lagoon

STORY #9: Richard and Ben and The Monster

STORY #10: Jim and Jym and the Treasure of the Big Mountain part 1

STORY #11: Jim and Jym and the Treasure of the Big Mountain part 2

STORY #12: Jim and Jym and the Treasure of the Big Mountain part 3

STORY #13: The Story of Immogene and Oliver

STORY #14: The Story of Gerald the Really Boring Guy

STORY #15: The Story of Fool’s Gold

STORY #16: The Tale of Gertrude and Ernie


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