About the Artists

Libby Barringer

I’m a graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles, where I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Political Theory. My interests include the ancient Greeks (who were awesome), utopianism, liberalism, and angry German pessimist philosophers, but mostly I like to read comic books and think about how Batman could totally beat up Superman, even though Superman has all those fancy-pants powers. I have also been known, on occasion, to draw a picture or two. I’m hugely influenced by a variety of artists, though I think Velazquez, Sargent, Whistler, Degas, Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Mucha, Frank Miller, Tim Sale, and Bill Watterson are all particularly rad. You can’t currently find my “art” online anywhere but here, at the Story of the Week Club, but you can read a sample of my comic-book inflected philosophical work in this book.

Josh Judd

I’m 35 years old, 73″ tall, 182 pounds, with dark hair and brown eyes with a penchant for eating peanuts. Though the description hints that I want a date (or an arrest), I like my wife very much: the only woman I know who appreciates “Conan the Barbarian.”
I think the categorization of the stuff passing as “my art” remains subject to the public, but I can tell you who I like:  Moebius, Berni Wrightson, Frazetta, E. Montos, Ralph McQuarrie, Syd Mead, Goya, Lautrec, Neal Adams, and (judge me at will) H.R. Giger.
Come see my “stuff” at:

Holly Knevelbaard

Hi, I’m Holly. Mild mannered receptionist by day, graphite smudged, ink stained and paint splattered freelance artist by night. Though I appear normal at first glance, I’m a big geek and possibly a bit of a nerd as well. I love books, comics, movies and animation. I dislike coffee, bananas and alarm clocks. If you’d like to see more of my work come on over to

Geoff Strout

Awaiting bio

Eric Jansen

Eric Jansen is a Christian artist. He works at the tract publisher Foursquare Missions Press where he has had 500,000 comics (like PARAMAN) and upwards of 10 million tracts (like THE GOSPEL ILLUSTRATED) published. He also publishes his own comics (like FREEDOM FIGHTER) under the God And Country Graphics imprint. His work can be viewed at the Facebook page ERIC JANSEN, ARTIST.

David Vienna

David Vienna is liquid metal.

Sasha Reneau

Awaiting Bio.

Maria Gullickson

Awaiting Bio.

Deron Decesare

Deron DeCesare, born 1962, was raised in Holmdel, NJ.  From 1980-84 he studied fine art at Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA.  Upon graduating, he settled in Virginia, near Washington, DC, where he continues to live and work.

Josh Burns

…writes this story blog, yo.

Mariel M.E.

Awaiting Bio


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